Invite Carrie Gerlach Cecil To Ignite Your Group With Her Innovative Inspiration

ordinary heroRelevant! Compelling! Raw! These are just some of the words used to describe Carrie Gerlach Cecil’s revolutionary messages. A popular author, television creator and personality, media strategist and NFL-insider, her captivating and charismatic keynote presentations build on her acclaimed books, columns and brand strategies. From Sony Digital Entertainment, NASCAR, Baptist Hospitals’ Rock the Cradle, Ordinary Hero’s Annual Benefit, The Lions Club to countless national women’s and men’s faith-based groups, Carrie has served as a mistress-of-ceremonies, keynote speaker and motivator who unabashedly reveals the secrets to creating winning [professional and personal] game plans and inspires audiences to break free of preconceived shackles, unearth their genuine purpose, and work with greater determination to achieve their boundless goals.

Book her now and watch her laydown the gauntlet for your audience to start emulating and embracing who they were made to be in this world. Her unedited speeches are real, relevant, relatable, refreshing and entertaining. She motivates her fans with insightful wit and charming acceptance while dishing out a dose of Higher-power conviction and no baloney panache.


Breaking Down Four Barriers To True Belonging

Possibly her signature speech – You Belong — Carrie Gerlach Cecil delivers four essential and moving parameters that inspire her fans to realize that they are not their past, to forgive themselves and others, to embrace and accept who they are and to start living their lives on purpose. Offering her audiences clear and relatable viewpoints she lays down the gauntlet for women [and men] to start emulating and embracing who they were made to be in this world. In this stellar and motivational performance, Carrie travels her audience on a journey from tears to belly laughter and enthusiastic applause by drawing on her own daunting past, pinnacles of success and discovering acceptance and grace. Watch her inspire others to start believing that they belong!

An electrifying and refreshingly inspirational voice with verve to touch broken-hearted people everywhere, the television executive producer [Emily’s Reasons Why Not/ABC Television/Inside the Huddle/Lifetime Television] and now on-air talent, she just wrapped the pilot for her first reality show Soul+Sisters[Divas for Jesus] for the We Network.

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The Fearless Faith: 5 Steps To A Real Walk To Jesus

In a world where Christians can be portrayed as unaccepting, legalistic or religious fanatics, this presentation will inspire audiences to release the past, accept their worth, embrace their gifts and develop an authentic relationship with God to achieve their dreams. Based on her book, One Sunday, Carrie Gerlach Cecil is known for tackling touchy topics with wit, modern-wisdom and transparency. No hell fire and brimstone but bring on the kindness, forgiveness and hope. She speaks from experience and personal encounters of her lifelong dedication of mocking faith to finally finding peace through the love Jesus! Carrie breaks down the stereotypes of an often-sanitized portrayal of Christianity. Walking a tightrope between the images of fundamental crazy Christians and true followers of Jesus who are searching for hope, Carrie’s wisdom is original – albeit occasionally controversial – refreshing and often times hysterical. With her Higher-power conviction and no baloney panache, Carrie is quickly becoming a go-to voice as a modern day, “Dear God-loving-Abby.”

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Developing Your Winning Game Plan

Being the founder of Anachel Communications, Carrie Gerlach Cecil is the predominate sports media and crisis management strategist to the leaders of sports leagues, networks, organizations as well as coaches and players. Additionally she is the wife of NCAA College Football Hall of Fame Defensive Back, former NFL Pro-Bowl Safety, Defensive Coordinator for the Tennessee Titans and current St. Louis Rams Defensive Coach, Chuck Cecil. Carrie is one of the most knowledgeable women in football off of the sidelines and out of the booth. Drawing from her book, Football Fundamentals For a Winning Life: Five Easy Plays For Success In A Changing World, Carrie presents her enthusiasts an easy-to-follow “break through,” presentation that offers meaningful and tactical parables between life and football in an ever-changing world. She parallels—Offense and Defense as personality traits. The Ball as a metaphor for the things we all gather in this life—and what happens when change punts it away. Finding Coaches who will lead and guide our lives. Our Team that consists of the people that we surround ourselves with throughout our lifetime and your Game clock, the four quarters—the seasons of your life and how we manage our time at work and home. Carrie speaks from profession and personal knowledge giving an exclusive look inside the guarded tunnels of life in the NFL.  Her football experience and metaphors in her popular blogs, Gridiron Woman were recently optioned by Lifetime Television to be developed into a one-hour drama series. Carrie will be the creator and executive producer on the new show entitled, Inside the Huddle. You can read first hand some of her columns, Notes From Lot S.

Goodness, Gridiron & Grace: Becoming A Brave & Confident Woman

Both women in the career sector and stay-at-home mothers are fascinated to know how Carrie Gerlach Cecil juggles her home life, a career life and the fast-paced life of her husband in the NFL with grace and a positive demeanor. Her readers from her own website ask her guidance on a litany of real-women issues; faith, family, friendship, football, fabulousness. Inspired by the desire to address those overwhelming questions, requests, emails, letters, and posts from fans, Carrie created her presentation, Becoming a Brave & Confident Woman expanding on her new non-fiction book, GOODNESS, GRIDIRON & GRACE [GGG]. She will impart to women how to not only survive with their heads above water but to sparkle in an ethically empty culture. Her speech intermixes Carrie’s surprising story of unedited faith as well as the gridiron philosophies and grace that she has gathered on her road from a small town in Arizona to the opulent escapades of football, fortune and foibles of Southern California and reality television.  In her three part speech; goodness, gridiron & grace, the mother to her seven-year-old daughter, Charli [and former foster mom to an African-American, four-year-old boy], Carrie Cecil’s bold voice will showcase how to establish and enhance your confidence, civility, and joy as a mom in an often rude and morally ambiguous world, where modest is no longer hottest. She leaves her fans entertained and clamoring for more. Carrie Cecil has become a relatable working-mother role model of dignity, style, charm and sports femme fatal. With her Higher-power conviction and no baloney panache, Carrie is quickly becoming a go-to voice as a modern day, “Dear God-loving-Abby.”