Football Fundamentals For A Winning Life

Five Easy Plays For Success In A Changing World
Chuck Cecil & Carrie Gerlach Cecil
(An NFL Coach and Wife Team)

Football has often been used as a metaphor for life. Coaching icon Vince Lombardi was the most inspiring man ever at weaving them together effortlessly and, with the exception of a handful of coaching legends, most books about the game and life in general are written by either non-football related authors or they are books ghost-written for celebrities – until now.

Carrie and Chuck Cecil, a football husband and wife team, have developed an easy-to-follow “game plan” for life that offers meaningful, tactical and spiritual parables between life and football in an ever-changing world.

In Football Fundamentals for a Winning Life, Carrie and Chuck draw on their own life experiences as well as the experiences of many NFL and collegiate coaches and corporate industry leaders—experiences that every reader will recognize in themselves and the people around them. The football metaphor is used throughout to show the reader how he or she should live their life—e.g., a ball we hold close and try not to fumble, or a game clock for all of us to manage, including these familiar football terms:

  • Offense and Defense represent personality traits in all of us.
  • The Ball is a metaphor for the things we all gather in this life—a relationship, money, security, a title, status in the community or happiness—and what happens when change punts it away.
  • Coaches are the people who lead and guide our lives, be it a teacher, mentor, therapist, minister, rabbi or God.
  • The Team consists of the people that we surround ourselves with throughout our lifetime.
  • The Game clock is the four quarters—the seasons of our life and how we manage our time at work and home.

Each chapter will offer human-nature tales, everyday life experience stories, and corporate allegories highlighting the game of football and the game of life. The reader will learn how to win on and off the field of life, and each chapter will offer the reader “Steps” on how to review and change how they are playing their game.

The “Time Out: Official Review” section at the end of each chapter helps the reader evaluate what has been learned, followed by a reiteration of the “Steps” of how to make adjustments in the way you are living your life.