Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything

The Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything
By Mark Reiter, Richard Sandomir,
With contributor, Carrie Gerlach Cecil

bracketEvery March, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament blankets newspapers and the Internet, and attracts millions of television viewers over the course of three weeks. Will a perennial favorite like Duke win? Or will it be a dark horse like Gonzaga? The phenomenon known as March Madness galvanizes a nation of viewers as few other sports events can. The reason? Bracketology. America eagerly watches as 64 teams become 32, then 16, then 8, then 4, then 2, and finally #1.

Now it’s time to use the same rigorous method for everything that really matters in culture, people, history, the arts and more.

In The Enlightened Bracketologist the editors have organized the world’s most haunting and maddeningly subjective questions into a scheme of binary pairings that finally reveal what is truly the best in its class: La Tache or Chateau Latour? (1) Barry Bonds or Terrell Owens? (2) “Vissi d’arte” or “Dove Sono”? (3) OJ verdict or JFK assassination? (4) “Top of the world, Ma” or “Nobody’s perfect”? (5) Two by two, The Enlightened Bracketologist pits our cultural mainstays against each other; only the finest survive.

Every double-page spread of this book will contain a series of brackets compiled by experts and celebrities, with text call-outs that highlight the reason why one competitor moves on and another doesn’t.

Author, humorist and popular columnist Carrie Gerlach Cecil contributed her bracket, Chick Flicks (bracket 20) in this witty and clever matchup to histories most tear-jerking films.

Carrie’s checklist to determining her bracket. Book excerpt:

“Any chick-flick checklist includes: (1) an empowered female lead overcoming insurmountable relationship obstacles, (2) a real woman in search of a fantasy man who changes or comes back, (3) female friendship and bonding, (4) women kicking a** metaphorically and physically, (5) copious tears, (6) belly laughter, and (7) quotable lines that make it to the water cooler or into a wedding speech. In addition, you see your BFF (best friend forever), your ex, or yourself in it. It induces groans from guys when you rent it. There’s a 30 percent chance that Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant is in it. Your mom loves it,” Cecil wrote.