One Sunday

Coming to shelves February 18, 2013 from Simon and Schuster’s Howard Books
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One Sunday

Relevant! Raw! Reconciliation! Redemption!

These are just some of the words used to describe Carrie Gerlach Cecil’s highly anticipated new novel, One Sunday.

One Sunday, follows the struggles of a woman who finds hope by enduring catastrophic life changes, weathering storms and ultimately, finding redemption in the heart of the South.

Bestselling author Stormie Omartian, says, “I couldn’t put this book down! Some of Carrie’s storylines are not pretty, but she would be less than honest were she not to show the desperate condition that comes as a life lived far outside God’s purpose. What other way is there for us to fathom how far redemption reaches down to lift someone up if we don’t understand the depth of their fall.”

Compelling! Heartbreaking! Inspiring! Hopeful!

Senior Pastor [Orlando World Outreach Center], and former NFL and All-American football legend, Tim Johnson writes, “It is stirring that One Sunday, a novel about reconciliation and forgiveness, would be set in the South, where ethnic tensions can still be high between people because of the color of their skin. God’s tapestry is a mix of beautiful colors from a variety of walks of life, thus the setting, storylines, and connections in Carrie’s book – albeit fictional – are very familiar, and are a perfect landscape to portray a modern-day tale of hope and grace.

Gritty! Graceful! Moving! Godly!

The author, Carrie Gerlach Cecil who also penned Emily’s Reasons Why Not, [Carrie Gerlach/Harper Collins] writes, “Although this novel is fiction, I believe we write what we know: I know the feeling of brokenness, and I know a big black man and his family who showed me a way to put my little white jagged pieces back together.”

Stormie Omartian concludes, “Carrie’s novel encourages us not to give up on people—no matter how resistant they are to the truth—for no one can resist the love of God extended toward them for too long.

The Novel: One Sunday

Alice Ferguson is a fast-paced, tabloid editor from Los Angeles who gets pregnant after a one-night stand with a sports doctor from Nashville. After her health and the fate of her unborn child is put at risk, she is forced to pack her Louis Vuitton bags and take a sabbatical from her high-pressure life in Hollywood and relocate to the heart of Dixie with a man she barley knows.

As she struggles to adjust to her new life, an unlikely African-American pastor and his family start Alice on a touching and surprising spiritual exploration. After months of her new friends asking her to attend church, a meal of fried chicken and angel food cake seals the deal. Alice reluctantly agrees to attend one service to watch her pastor friend put on his weekly show.

Sitting in the very back pew, she internally and hilariously dissects the Evangelical bible thumpers, but she also begins to reflect on the incidents in her painful past that have brought her to a life of moral ambiguity.

Alice flashes back to her childhood as a young girl who witnessed the devastating death of her mother and the suicide of her father. She begins to identify how she was catapulted into survival mode and left rudderless in the world. This heartbreaking trauma, along with a series of bad relationships, poor life choices and dark secrets, planted the seed deep inside her that would blossom as an adult, to stand on her own – no matter the ethical or moral cost to herself or others.

From the outside, Alice now has it all. The all she never had as a child. She is powerful in Los Angeles and enjoys the intoxicating benefits of a financially lucrative career. She fills the potholes of her heart with good alcohol, fancy drugs and longing men, but she is internally shattered.

Through her found Nashville family, Alice begins to understand that she has been unnecessarily riding an emotional and frightening rollercoaster between life and death and heaven and hell. But are people like Alice ever willing to get off?

One Sunday invites readers along for the experience of her, and their, lives. It documents one woman’s journey of self and God realization as she goes from making fun of them to being one of them. On this remarkable road Alice learns to let go of the past and find understanding, hope and a life filled with true peace.

Through equal parts humor and pain, One Sunday, while entertaining, is a catalyst for finding hope, friendship, laughter, tears, inspiration, forgiveness and the love that only comes from God.

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