Meet Charli Alleene Cecil

Seven-year-old author Charli Alleene Cecil knows that anything is possible with the help of God, hard work and the determination to never give up.

She knows this because for all of her seven years, she has watched her daddy – an NFL coach – and her mommy – an entertainment industry veteran – achieve their dreams through persistence and determination and a lot of prayers and faith. Charli hopes her first book, Charli & Wilbur, A Dancing Dog’s Dream will inspire other kids to dream big (even when people tell you that you can’t do it) and discover their inner talents, passions and purposes.

When not being creative, Charli can be found selling lemonade at her sidewalk stand, climbing the big oak tree in her yard, digging up worms in the creek by her house and, of course, playing with her best friend Wilbur and all of her other critters.