Traveling Grace Kicks-Off At The Waldorf Astoria’s Arizona Biltmore Hotel


We are kicking-off 2013 with a new travel blog entitled Traveling Grace Some of you already know that I’ll be contributing travel pieces to my favorite on-the-move website, as well as Traveling Grace and Johnny is FAB-U-LOUS! If you haven’t been on his site you must visit it!

It seems fitting that we start this travel season in Arizona, a place Chuck and I both call home, as it’s where we met and first fell in love over 26-years-ago! {Insert collective sign}. Join the Cecil family as we head west to the Waldorf Astoria’s Arizona Biltmore Hotel in January for some much-needed family time after our NFL season.

Our goal, as always, is to not simply travel in style but to travel gracefully. What does that mean for a wife and working mom like me? That means finding a place that I can peacefully nestle up and get creative writing my new show or book. A place where my NFL husband can tune-out the world and tune-in a little white ball during 18-holes of sheer heaven and a special place where I can hear my daughter’s laughter and cheers of joy. It means: No drama and a place to escape.

From takeoff to landing, we do it gracefully or I don’t want to do it at all. On my travels, I am determined to find a healthy balance of rejuvenation, relaxation and real fun but most importantly a place where we can all have our adventure(s) together.

As a career woman and coach’s wife there is nothing more precious than time together. We need couple time, family time and let’s be honest…spa, golf and pool time…together!  Will the Arizona Biltmore have what it takes to keep us all happy and satisfied? We will find out! It sure looks delightful.

Stay tuned and travel gracefully,


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